Landons Own Hair Care Products - Beauty products for the multicultural family!
Extreme Cream Shampoo moisturizing, protein-vitamin cream shampoo for sensitive hair and scalp.  Combined botanical and mild cleansers produce a rich emollient lather which restores moisture and texture to sensitive hair and scalp.
Extreme Cream Conditioner
Special care vitamin and protein enriched daily conditioner for sensitive scalp and hair. 
The ideal companion to Extreme Cream Shampoo.  Moisturizes and conditions with botanicals and proteins to leave hair shiny and full of body.  Transform dry sensitive hair into shiny, healthy looking hair with just one use.
Therapeutic Shampoo
Truly a unique deep cleansing formula.  Gentle agents combine to relieve itchy, flaky and dry scalp commonly associated with dandruff.  Enjoy healthy hair and a rejuvenated scalp.
Therapeutic Conditioner
A unique blend of t-tree, shea butter, and wheat protein to rejuvenate the scalp and leave the hair shiny.
Hair Polish
Super shine gel to hold and illuminate.  A concentrated, water soluble silicone gel to style and make hair glow.
Give Me Shine
Spray Laminate.  For and instant brilliant shine.  Adds clear shine to dry or dull hair.
Straight & Narrow
Soft, sleek and sexy hair.  Natural extracts, styling conditioners and oil control flyaway and define curl.
Creme Brulé
Increases curl and wave definition.  Keeps curls smooth and frizz-free.  Provides light flexible hold and shine to hair.
Hair and Scalp Conditioner (solid)
Natural hair oil is a light dressing created with special ingredient blends that increase hair growth, improves shine and nourishes the scalp
Hair and Scalp Conditioner (oil)
Natural hair is perfect for long hair clients with fine hair.  Created with special ingredient blends that increase hair growth, condition hair and adds shine.
Therapeutic Hair and Scalp Conditioner(solid)
A light hair dressing created with menthol, the special blends eliminate itchy and dry scalp.
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